Every 20-minute workout here at Time Saver Fitness is a one-on-one session with just you and your Certified Personal Trainer. You will never be asked to set your own machines, record your progress, or make another appointment on your own. Your Certified Personal Trainer will be by your side coaching you through the entire workout (even should the phone ring or next appointment arrive early), answering any questions you might have along the way. Furthermore, should you have nutritional questions or advice, your Certified Personal Trainer will be happy to help.


Your Certified Personal Trainer here at Time Saver Fitness will make sure momentum is non-existent. Finally, locking out is part of many other exercise methods that put tremendous stress on the bones, ligaments, and joints often resulting in injury. Here at Time Saver Fitness, locking out is something your Certified Personal Trainer will never allow. When you combine a super slow speed to exercise, zero momentum and no possibility of locking out, it becomes safe for everyone at any age, with any prior injury.


IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! While most people think and other exercise methods preach “More is better,” here at Time Saver Fitness we say, “Less is better.” Let’s explain: When you take the average or even athletic person, properly fit them into a machine (taking into account ANY injury) and have a Certified Personal Trainer coach them through 7-8 machines; achieving the point of an “impossible repetition” or MUSCLE SUCCESS/MUSCLE FAILURE within 1-2 minutes per machine, a 9th machine equaling more than 20 minutes might sound like an impossibility. Furthermore, we ask that you give your body 72-96 hours of COMPLETE rest time or recovery! Because of the demanding workout, your muscles need time to rest and recover. Therefore, we recommend doing no other workout besides 20 minutes, 2x a week! Sound too good to be true, ask any one of our clients!