A private setting (not a gym) with one-on-one certified personal trainers using the revolutionary method of super slow high intensity strength training. Just two 20 minute workouts per week using new state-of-the-art Nautilus equipment. A super slow speed of 10 seconds on the lifting phase (positive) and 10 seconds on the lowering phase (negative) is extremely safe for all ages.

While traditional strength training focuses on bringing the muscles to fatigue, at Time Saver Fitness you go one step further… to Muscle Success/Muscle Success is where your primary (large) and secondary (small) muscles are brought to a point where you can no longer move the weight. This is where the results begin: toning, shaping, & firming. Clients build lean muscle tissue which increases the body’s metabolism, burning extra calories even while you sleep.
Not only does muscle help you burn fat, it takes up 20% less space than fat thus turning your body into a “FAT BURNING MACHINE.”

Still sound too GOOD TO BE TRUE! While most people think and other exercise methods preach “More is better,” here at Time Saver Fitness we say, “Less is better.”

Let’s explain: When you take the average or even athletic person, properly fit them into a machine (taking into account ANY injury) and have a Certified Personal Trainer coach them through 7-8 machines; achieving the point of an “impossible repetition” or MUSCLE SUCCESS/MUSCLE FAILURE within 1-2 minutes per machine, additional machines equaling more than 20 minutes have been proven to provide no additional benefit. Furthermore, we ask that you give your body 72-96 hours of COMPLETE rest time or recovery! Because of the demanding workout, your muscles need time to rest, recover and rebuild so we recommend doing NO OTHER WORKOUT besides 20 minutes, 2x a week! Sound too good to be true, ask any one of our clients!